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Children interactive hardware and software system is designed according to the adaptation of the equipment to operation by all groups of the population; including people with impaired static-dynamic and sensory functions. It changes the table top angle by electric drive, with a remote control and is ideal for children of preschool and primary school age. It is developed in an ergonomic design and harmless forms.

Children interactive hardware and software system will help your child with learning new, training thinking and skills in an easy, playful way! The system comes along with educational games, tailored software with riddles in math and different languages, illustrated fairy-tail books, where the child is supposed to take some actions, musical instrument games and exciting colouring books. It helps the child to elaborate memorizing, develop thinking, refine logic, focus attention and concentrate on the task. It can also be equipped with correctional SOFTWARE that primarily focuses on "Speech Therapy", development of coherent speech, sound and intonation culture and phonetic hearing.


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