Interactive Sandbox

Interactive Sandbox RONPLAY KIDS

Interactive Sandbox RONPLAY KIDS is a unique world with elements of augmented reality, which every child falls in love with.

With the help of augmented reality ordinary sand turns into the Earth's surface with lakes and mountains, volcanoes and valleys, animals, dinosaurs and much more. Children study geography, structures of planets, figures, learn to navigate in space, develop memory and logic.

Interactive Sandbox RONPLAY KIDS includes unique games designed by our company, which have no analogues around the world.

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This set includes 15 unique games (basic version) : 6 games on floor and table (including unique sensor wooden markers), 3 games on floor (for small children), 6 games on sand (subject to availability of sand reservoir and sand). *A big amount of additional unique games on table, sand, floor and even on wall will be added in 2020.

Interactive menu ronplaybox
Interactive menu ronplaybox

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